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Praise for Joan Hall Hovey's Books 


"This was a well-written, riveting, page-turner. It kept you guessing and all the characters were nicely fleshed out and relatable. I love how this author always adds a touch of the paranormal. Makes it even more layered and interesting. 
I was so impressed that I did this as a book club selection."  Good Reads



“…what a great story! Couldn't put it down… An exciting and suspenseful  ending wraps up this incredible novel.” Lynn Demsky: Book Reporter


"… Joan Hall Hovey knows suspense. She keeps it simmering in every scene she writes and knows just the right moments to turn up the heat and bring it all to a boil.  THE DEEPEST DARK is a terrific suspense novel.” James Hankins, Author of BROTHERS AND BONES and SHADY CROSS

 "…visceral fear is at the heart of The Deepest Dark and just won’t let go from one page to the next. Not only did I have to stay up to find out what was going to happen on that next page…I couldn’t have slept anyway with all my spidey senses on high alert. Every little noise creeped me out and THAT, my friends, is what makes Joan Hall Hovey a genius at writing suspense." Reviewed by Lelia Taylor


a highly entertaining thriller that will draw you in with its well-written characters and fast-paced action. Above all, it is full of suspense and an absolute page-turner. I warn you not to start reading it unless you have time to read the whole book! I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good thriller and I certainly want to read more books from this author…” Online Book Club


"Joan Hall Hovey is a female Stephen King... a stunning, multi-layered, modern-day gothic, told with the unforgettable style and grace of a true master of suspense" Rendezvous Magazine

"... a taut thriller, woven with uncanny magic..." Cindy Penn,


"Joan Hall Hovey clearly takes her place among today's contemporary writers as this page-turner can compete with any mystery novel on the shelves" Linda Hersey, Fredericton Gleaner.


 "Ms. Hovey's talent in creating characters is so real, you feel their emotions and their fears. You want to yell at them to warn of the danger . . . and you do! Your shouts fall on deaf ears … and you cry! The best suspense writer    I've ever read! Beth Anderson, Author of Raven Talks back

"Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King come to mind, but JOAN HALL HOVEY is in a Class by herself!…" 

J.D. Michael Phelps, Author of My Fugitive, David Janssen

"CANADIAN MISTRESS OF SUSPENSE…The author has a remarkable ability to turn up the heat on the suspense… great characterizations and dialogue…" James Anderson, author of Deadline

... a chilling hold-your-breath-as you-turn-the-pages novel of such depth and credibility, it’s hard to remember that it’s fiction and won’t be headlined in the daily news..." Evelyn Gale, All About Murder Reviews.

"...a well-written suspense that will have your locking doors, turning on all the lights..." Hattie Boyd, Scribes World


"... Joan Hall Hovey has penned as good a thriller as I have ever read...a superb tale of terror and suspense that puts her right up there with the likes of Sandford and Patterson..." Ingrid Taylor for Small Press Review

Joan Hall Hovey has the skill to play on the readers’ emotions with her Hitchcockian imagination.  Reviewed by Carol Balawyder

"...Fans of Mary Higgins Clark will enjoy this author! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time ... Great story..." Detra Fitch, Huntress Book Reviews

A winner!! With her usual ability, the talented author has caught the sense of menace and carried it throughout... a taut, chilling tale... Highly recommended." Anne K. Edwards,

"... a taut thriller that combines well-drawn vivid characters with an engaging plot? ...a magnetically likable heroine... Rachael's transformation from walking wounded to feisty survivor will leave you cheering." Kristin Johnson,

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